ICT & Telecom

Information and Communications Technology & Telecom
Information and communications technology (ICT) encompasses the role of unified communications and the integration of telecommunications (telephone lines and wireless signals) and computers, as well as necessary enterprise software, middleware, storage, and audiovisual systems, that enable users to access, store, transmit, and manipulate information. Our experts are especially adept at helping companies through major ICT business transformations of their organizations.

We bring a range of information and communications technology capabilities that helpour clients in:

Call Center Consulting: Many organizations want to add more channels to their call centres but their current technology simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Together we will work with our clients to develop a plan for integration of these channels. This includes the timing of the new platforms, required skills of agents and supervisors. As we identify your business needs and establish a roadmap for features, reporting, and 3rd party tools that need to be integrated.

Unified Communication Consulting: In today’s world of telecommunication many organizations are faced with the replacement of legacy phone systems that are no longer supported. We work with our clients to develop a strategy which includes an inventory of your technology, learn from your IT department what are their IT mandates and strategies for other initiatives in order to bring it all together. And
we will continue to support until the provision of project oversight on all projects to ensure that our clients receive the services that were promised during a vendor evaluation process.

Telecom and Mobility Audits: Telecom, data and mobility services are simply getting more complex due to the sheer number of different carriers, phone companies, and the services that they provide. Many IT departments have simply lost control over their telecom and mobility costs. Our solution includes looking for opportunities for consolidation of contracts and services, alignment with current or future IT initiatives, communicate directly with your current vendors to inquire about current plans, offerings, that could be of interest, and together we review your options and decide on the best plans/rates and services for your organization.

•Enterprise Telephone Communication Systems: Companies multi-vendor/carrier environment adds a level of complexity and frustration when managing cost, with spending simply “out of control” and IT resources tied up each month trying to break out costs for departments and managers, and IT contracts are not easily accessible and on occasion automatically renew unnoticed, and, finally, stricter compliance standards for reporting department budgets requires better oversight. Our Solution is to empower, educate and equip our clients with knowledge and tools that they require in order to gain back the control of their Telecom, Data and Mobility budgets.

• Advanced Security Solutions: Today’s threats require tomorrow’s technology and expertise watching your systems around the clock. You need a comprehensive approach to protect your business data. Our fully managed Advanced Security Solutions will let you identify, analyze and respond to security events on virtually all your network components and user devices. Day or night. We will help you protect your data, your users, and their access credentials with sophisticated security tools and services to monitor and manage activity on your network.

•Telecommunications Infrastructure Maintenance: Our team of highly skilled telecommunications professionals includes structural and telecom engineers, telecom riggers and technicians. We have the knowledge and experience to offer a full turnkey solution for the telecommunications infrastructure market and provide comprehensive solutions for the commercial, industrial and domestic markets.