Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy

Energy and environmental companies are grappling with challenges: increasingly volatile oil prices, intensified global competition, the rise of disruptive technologies, climate change issues, and more sophisticated government regulations. These factors increase the complexity and the risks for even the best-run enterprises. But progressive organizations that embrace new business models and customized strategies can rise above industry perils to outflank competitors and thrive in the years ahead.

AMG is helping energy companies make strategic investment decisions based on regional market dynamics, new ways to thrive in an era of increasingly volatile oil prices and intense regulation.

Contact us Al Mehri Group to learn more on how we can help you battle the challenges of rising complexity, risk by using customized tools and strategies by embracing new business models and drive profitable growth.

Our experts are especially adept at helping companies through major business transformations and re-inventions of their energy practice to become more nimble and agile.  We also assess the technical, economical and logistical feasibility of fuel supplies for biomass and waste to energy plants, and carry out resource assessments for wind, solar and hydro projects.

The team at Al Mehri Group have extensive experience with alternate energy schemes, driven by the urgent need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from traditional sources and to find reliable and sustainable sources of renewable energy.

We cover all technical, commercial, regulatory and environmental aspects of renewable projects. We bring world class expertise in the latest generation technologies – wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, biomass, tidal, wave and waste to energy.

We assist government agencies and provide advice to companies seeking to expand their energy portfolio or acquire renewable assets.

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Intellectual rigor, deep knowledge of organizations and systems, and commitment to communities — for those reasons, Al Meheri Group Consulting is an invaluable partner. Our teams have collaborated to support the growing field of practitioners using collective impact to tackle society’s most complex problems. We couldn’t—and wouldn’t want to — do it without them.

Amanda Seyfried
Sales & Marketing, Alien Ltd.

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